JG5 Skins

JG5 Use several custom paint schemes that uniquely identify our aircraft online. Pilots have their own system of coloured rudders and fuselage bands to help identify each other in combat. A few of the skins available from the secure site are shown below

Bf-109 E-4 Bf-109 E-4

A set of skins by JG5 UnKle.
Grey-Green 'splinter' camoflauge with high & hard demarcation line. White and Yellow markings (2 versions) to nose, fuselage band, rudder and under wingtips. White Version shown in picture


Bf-109 G-2
Bf-109 G-2
A set of skins by JG5 JaRa.
The "worm" pattern was essentially a winter skin but can be used in summer-time as a JG5 skin. Green with white patterned overlays both white and yellow versions are available for download.

Fw-190 A5FW190 A Series

Skins by JG5 UnKle.
A grey skin for use over land. Grey-green and grey splinter pattern. Yellow, White, Black, Red, Blue and Green variants available - yellow shown.

Fw-190 A8

A naval skin for all the Fw-190 A variants. With a light grey / dark grey splinter finish and light mottling on the sides. This skin is very light in colour. Yellow, White, Black, Red, Blue and Green variants available.

Bf-109 K-4Bf-109 G & K Series

A set of skins by JG5 JaRa.
This late-war 109 pattern suits the G-6/10/14 and K-4 series of 109's. Available with either white markings (as shown) or yellow markings.


These paint schemes and other resources are available from our secure site for members of JG5. The site also has tutorials and articles written by JG5 members, configuration files and applications for use online.

All artwork © JJ Boucher - All rights reserved.