Welcome to the JG5 Website

Jagdgeschwader 5 (JG5) are an on-line squadron based in the UK.
We fly German aircraft in IL-2 (including AEP & PF) Sturmovik.

JG5 is a UK-based squadron. We have decided to restrict ourselves to recruiting pilots from the UK and Europe (up to GMT+2) because it is much easier to co-ordinate an on-line presence, and makes on-line squadron meetings and training much more effective.

We are always looking for recruits who can prove an ability to fly and fight in the German fighters featured in 'IL-2 Sturmovik - Forgotten Battles'. Please make sure that you have read and are comfortable with the squadron rules before making a recruitment application.

You can also enter discussions with JG5 pilots on our public forum here. This is open to other squads and any potential pilots who are considering a JG5 application.

If you are interested in joining JG5 or have any comments or questions about this site, please contact me. We can be found on Hyperlobby most Wednesday and Sunday nights from around 21:00 hrs GMT hosting COOP missions.


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